Vaporizers are always evolving, just like everything else in the world. There are two different categories of vapes and they evolve at two different rates. You have your tops and your bottoms, just like clothes. The bottom piece of a vaporizer is the power source.

The bottom piece of a vaporizer is the power source. That’s where the battery is housed. The top piece of the vaporizer is the atomizer. The atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes your e-liquid. These two components are the common denominator between all vaporizers. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them have a power source and a heating element.

CBD Cartridges Are The New Trend in 2017

There’s a new kind of device on the market that’s trending big time. CBD vape pens have been generating a lot of buzz among vapers. Now people are able to get pain relief through vaping, which hasn’t been done before. Research has shown that vaping CBD can also reduce nicotine cravings. That’s promising news for smokers who are still struggling with nicotine addiction. This was a surprising step in the evolution of vaping. I never expected it to take this turn. Now, instead of vaping nicotine e-liquid to quit smoking, you can vape CBD! That’s exciting.

If you want to quit, it might be easier to start off with e-cigs, then work your way down the nicotine ladder. Once you’re vaping 1.5 mg of nicotine, then you could switch to CBD to kick the habit for good. I just started with CBD myself, so I’m still learning. So far, my favorite cartridge is the Vape Bright Thrive cartridge. It has given me great relief from my social anxiety and has helped me sleep much better. If you want to get the cartridge, don’t pay full price. You can get a Vape Bright coupon code from They have a lot of coupons which is lovely. I hate paying full price for anything online. Searching for discounts has become second nature for me. If you haven’t built that habit, it’s time to start. Never pay full price for anything online, including vape gear.

Vape Batteries Evolve Slowly

18650-batteriesAtomizers and vape batteries evolve at two distinctly different rates. Batteries are evolving a lot slower than atomizers. Most of the fancy mods have been using 18650 batteries for years. It’s the standard power source for box mods. The next step in the evolution of the vape battery seems to be lipo batteries. While the lipo batteries are more powerful, they also are more dangerous.

A lot of intelligent people in the vape community are highly against them. They can overheat and explode more easily than traditional 18650s. Even with the 18650s, you have to practice battery safety. Lipo batteries could be a mutation that is not good for survival, evolutionarily speaking. All advances in technology are not good advances. Do you remember HD DVDs? Most people don’t. When DVDs became mainstream, companies tried to advance the technology to make them even better.

Do you remember HD DVDs? Most people don’t. When DVDs became mainstream, companies tried to advance the technology to make them even better. I remember two different DVD technology advances, Blu-Ray and HD. It turns out that Blu-Ray technology was the best evolution of the DVD. HD DVDs are now obsolete and most people have never even heard of them. Lipo batteries could have the same fate but it’s too early to make that call.

Atomizers Evolve Vaster

Conversely, atomizers have been evolving at an alarming rate. It will always be this way. Atomizers will evolve at a fast, steady pace while batteries evolve slower and sporadically. Atomizers started off as cartomizers. They weren’t independently replaceable and were stuck inside a cartridge. We’ve come a long way since the cartomizer days. Now atomizers are replaceable and rebuildable. Instead of having a strip of a heating element in a cartridge, you can have as many coils as you can rig up. Not handy? It doesn’t matter because companies make atomizers with up to eight coils. If the demand for eight coils is high, you’ll see atomizers come out with even more coils. The evolution has been fast and furious.

The reason these two components evolve at such different rates is because of technology. To develop a battery, it requires a high degree of specialized, scientific knowledge. Most people do not have the necessary education to create or advance battery technology. Batteries are not just hard to develop and advance, they’re also dangerous. Given the risk and knowledge hurdle, battery development is depended on large corporations and the scientific community.

Why Atomizers Evolve Faster

octa-coil-buildAtomizers are a different story. They don’t require a high degree of specialized knowledge. You can do some research online and build a good atomizer one hour later. There’s not a big knowledge hurdle with making your own atomizer. It’s not very dangerous either. An atomizer is not capable of exploding like a battery. Building an atomizer has even less risk if you’re planning on vaping on a regulated mod. A regulated mod will protect you even if you build the atomizer wrong. Atomizer development is not dependent on large corporations and the scientific community. Big vaping companies develop new atomizers, but regular people can and do develop them as well.

There are so many different types of atomizers. You can group them into two different categories, rebuildable and prebuilt. Rebuildable atomizers are also called rbas. The best rba tank will almost always be built by a company, but the best rba coils will almost always be built by a person. It’s harder for a person to build a complete tank, but it’s easy to build coils. The evolution of coils is what we’re talking about when we mention atomizers. Coils are easy to build and require no special degree or trade degree. People are building crazy setups on basic rbas. The innovation of the vaping community is forcing companies to create more innovative products. It’s a great cycle that has advanced atomizers tremendously.